About Us

3Z Telecom in a Nutshell

Based in South Florida 3Z Telecom was formed in 2005 with a simple business philosophy in mind: offering the best quality at the best prices, with the best service. This is the basis of our early success in the telecom solutions arena. In addition, our concept for “self-sufficiency” has lead us to expand offerings into a wide variety of areas, allowing us to offer our customers more options, with more control over the end product.

Core Services Offering

  • In-Building DAS
  • RF Engineering
  • RF EME Compliance
  • Interference Hunting
  • Tower Services
  • Drive Testing

Core Products Offering

  • Antenna WASP-Antenna
  • Monitoring Sensor
  • 3Z RF Aligner-Antenna
  • Alignment Tool

Quality is King at 3Z Telecom

3Z Telecom is proud to be a TL-9000 Certified company. TL-9000 is quality Management System built on ISO-9001. The purpose of TL-9000 is to specify measurements for companies to evaluate the effectiveness of quality implementation and improvement programs.

3Z Telecom News

New Software Release

You asked for it. You got it! We are glad to announce the launch of the new 3Z RF Aligner Software. With new and improved features, this new software will make your job as easy as it can be.  Please click here to download the new software.

Thanks for visiting us at IMS & PCIA!

AT 3Z, we want to thank you for visiting us at these events!
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