Interference Hunting

To achieve optimal network performance mobile operators must constantly monitor network degradation due external interference sources. Once a potential issue is identified the race begins to find the exact external interference source to minimize customer impact. 3Z Can help! Our RF Technicians are trained to quickly hunt for interference sources, analyze data collected, and accurately identify the exact interfering source. Together with the FCC, 3Z can quickly defuse the external interfering source.

  • On-Site & Drive Testing Interference Analysis
  • Interference Investigation & Identification
  • Interference Triangulation
  • Network Wide Interference Analysis
  • FCC Interference Complaint Filing

Our Partners

3Z has built partnerships with the largest mobile operators in the nation. Either working directly with a mobile operator or working together to solve coverage issues, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with our partners.


Our Vendors

3Z Telecom works together with the most respected RF Compliance companies in the world. These relationships allow us to provide our customers with the most efficient and cost effective RF Compliance solutions available.