About 3Z Telecom

For many years 3Z Telecom, Inc. has been a trusted brand by major carriers worldwide, providing innovative solutions for both antenna alignment and antenna monitoring. Its flagship product, the 3Z RF Aligner, was introduced in 2012 as the world’s smallest GPS antenna alignment tool. 2015 marked another first in the industry with the Antenna WASP, the only Wireless Antenna Monitoring Sensor System, allowing mobile operators to become aware of any issues with antennas moving out of alignment. In 2017, 3Z’s newest antenna alignment tool with GNSS Dual Frequency, the RF Vision, was launched. The RF Vision is the only one of its kind to boast a camera with augmented reality, providing camera assisted alignment with line-of-sight image capturing and reporting. Most recently, 3Z Telecom launched the AMP, an antenna alignment sensor module that integrates into the antennas circuitry to monitor and report variations in azimuth, tilt and roll. 3Z Telecom, Inc. continues to be a pioneer in designing and manufacturing tools that are easy to use.