The First Built-In Antenna Motion Processor

Antenna installation and alignment is not a “set it and forget it” venture. The reality is that antennas move out of alignment all the time without the engineer knowing. The effects of antenna misalignment cost companies loss of revenue, coverage gaps, and overall network performance degradation. Without costly deployment of tower crews to manually check on individual antenna alignment status, these issues can go on for long periods of time.

With an antenna that has 3Z’s AMP built-in, the antenna can monitor its own motion variations and send the engineer a remote alert if motion is detected. Thus, tower crews are only sent up to align antennas that have already been diagnosed as misaligned, saving time and money.

Monitor Antenna Alignment in Real-Time
3D Motion Monitoring – Azimuth, Tilt, Roll
User-Defined Motion Alarms
Intelligent Learning Algorithms
SON Automation
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3D Motion Monitoring

The AMP is a small, all-in-one motion processing module for use in active antennas. The module seamlessly integrates in to your antenna’s existing circuitry to enable reporting on Azimuth, Tilt, and Roll from a relative reference point.  Now your antenna can verify it’s own alignment in real-time, and report back to the engineer without the need to send a tower crew up to check on alignment status.

Smart Learning Algorithms

Not only can the AMP monitor motion – it knows when to count variations in motion as real or invalid. Using a sophisticated, proprietary algorithm, the AMP learns and understands its environment to report changes in Azimuth, Tilt, and Roll without reporting false positives caused by vibrations, temporary shakes, or other non-essential movements.

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Set Custom Motion Alarms

RF engineers can set their desired threshold of movement based on their design tolerance, and request alarm reports with frequencies of either every second, minute, hour, or day. The alarm system will warn operators to perceived changes in Azimuth, Tilt, and Roll experienced by their antennas.

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The AMP Evaluation Kit lets developers explore the possible applications of the AMP as well as test its reliability within their application. It features SPI, I2C, USART, and communication with AISG control boards via RS-485.

Quick Time to Market

The AMP’s small form factor and multiple interfaces allows for quick implementation in to existing antenna circuits, requiring little to no redesign of your antenna’s current internal components.

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Environmental Monitoring

The AMP module comes in two configurations. Both monitor Azimuth, Tilt, and Roll, while the AMP 1801 can also track changes in atmospheric factors including temperature and humidity. This provides a window to your antenna’s internal conditions for your peace of mind.

AMP Eval Kit

The AMP Evaluation Kit is available now for the AMP 1801 module. Companion software is also available to fully evaluate the module, which provides a remote antenna view and real-time demo.

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