3Z Launches a New Antenna Alignment Tool

The future of antenna alignment is here!

Miami, USA February 17, 2017: 3Z Telecom, recently launched the RF Vision antenna alignment tool.

Back in 2012, 3Z Telecom made a major breakthrough with the 3Z RF Aligner. It is the smallest and lightest antenna alignment tool in the world. After many years of success, this time, 3Z disrupted the industry again, by reinventing antenna alignment by incorporating a mechanically aligned HD camera, augmented reality and easy-to-use technology. For the first time an antenna alignment tool not only aligns the antenna but it will show you where it is pointing.

The RF Vision is 30% smaller, making it the smallest antenna alignment tool in the world. The tool is equipped with dual frequency technology which allows RF Vision to measure each satellite twice, seeing a total of 174 satellites signals, that is 3x more than the competitors. This delivers more accuracy, faster readings and works well in high dense urban cities and crowded towers.
The RF Vision comes with an impact resistant 5-inch touch screen display and the line of sight image is embedded with augmented reality. The tower tech can perfectly align the antenna by simply aligning the crosshair with the bullseye, that makes antenna alignment easier than ever before.

3Z has proven its expertise in their domain earlier with the much-hyped launch of 3Z RF Aligner in. However, they are all set to beat their own record as they are looking to take things to a new level. The company’s mission is to innovate to make things easy and empower the users with easy to use tools to accomplish more.

Preorders for the revolutionary antenna alignment tool will be available on March 7th 2017. Those who want to know more about the company and their products should make it a point to visit 3ztelecom.com and explore the details.