3Z Telecom presents antenna alignment product line at MWC Barcelona 2019


With a team of experts in telecommunications, a carefully designed custom stand and freshly cut Iberian ham, 3Z Telecom welcomed MWC 19 guests this past month of February.

Starting with its leading product, the company featured the advantages of using RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool in contrast to the use of the traditional magnetic compass. RF Vision, which has been mandated by many carriers in the United States, presents a great opportunity for European carriers to improve on antenna alignment and network performance because of its accuracy, time-saving interface and Line-of-Sight reports.

Targeting antenna manufacturers, 3Z Telecom also presented the AMP – Antenna Motion Processor, which built-into an antenna’s existing circuitry enables it to detect and report changes in azimuth, tilt and roll, while providing antennas with self-healing capabilities. A great addition to the company’s product line and a very attractive new feature for antenna manufacturers.

The show was also stage for the soft launch of the new IoA – IoT for antennas. An attach-and-monitor solution with permanent wireless connection, that automatically reports alignment changes to the cloud. It also features on-screen alerts, a 5+ year battery life, it’s easy to install and requires no maintenance.

With these three innovative products, 3Z Telecom stood proudly next to the biggest companies in the most important show in the telecom industry, MWC Barcelona.