Antenna WASP is a Wireless Antenna Sensor Pod that when attached to an antenna, hourly monitors its alignment in three dimensions: azimuth, tilt and roll. Antenna WASP will detect and report any undesired changes to all antennas being monitored (up to 18 antennas per site).
The complete Antenna Alignment Monitoring Solution requires a Data Collector, sold separately.
Optional accessory: 3Z Torque Wrench is the ideal tool to properly seal Antenna WASP and highly recommended. Sold separately.

The Problem We Solve

After identifying network performance issues or following a natural disaster, Wireless Operators are required to perform costly network audits to improve RAN KPI’s and validate site equipment assets. Currently, most of the site equipment assets can be remotely monitored with the standard Telecom Management Software Solutions except the antenna mechanical alignment, creating a challenge & increasing the OPEX to the Wireless Operators in these situations. Without the right information regarding the problem or its location, operation teams take longer to troubleshoot antenna problems at site and may be unable to fix it during the same visit.

How We Solve It!

Antenna WASP offers hourly antenna alignment monitoring on all wireless network antennas. Any changes in the antenna’s orientation (Azimuth, Tilt & Roll) is transmitted to the Data Collector wirelessly, the Data Collector then forwards this information to the Wireless Operator’s NOC via SNMP or displays the information via the Data Collector Manager Software. Wireless Operators define alignment thresholds and when these thresholds are exceeded, an alarm will be generated and the Operator will be notified immediately.
Each antenna can be individually identified on a tower or throughout the entire network. This allows Wireless Operators to act quickly and restore communications to optimal performance by being able to send the correct team to the exact location with the right tools.